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Our work is trusted each day by journalists and editors from the world’s leading media outlets.

Kudos from Journalists

The insights we’ve received from RRG over the years have been invaluable. Time after time we’ve used something they sent over as the basis for an entire story. Their research is thorough, reliable, and delivered at just the right time.

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Where you can find us

RRG’s research and insights are regularly featured in leading publications such as Forbes, Bloomberg,, The Associated Press, ESPN, Axios, CNBC, and hundreds more.

How we operate

  • Our clients commission us to undertake industry-specific research that appeals to journalists, editors, and producers.
  • We conduct the research and analysis then send the findings to relevant members of the media.
  • Using our insights, journalists add value to existing stories, or even craft entire narratives around the research we’ve done.

Meet our team

Richfield Research Group (RRG) is a team of more than 15 researchers, data scientists, public relations strategists, and digital experts. Founded in 2013 as a consumer research institute, our team’s diverse skill set has allowed RRG to grow strategically by positioning ourselves as one of the media’s premier suppliers of curated research across a broad range of topics and industries.